For whoever is not against us is for us

Wednesday 7th Week of Ordinary Time
James 4: 13-17; Psalm 39; Mark 9:38-40

Yesterday, one of my best friends growing up, Nate Donker came to my ordination. He brought with him his Mom and Dad and his two little brothers; Connor and Jordan. It really meant a lot to me to have them all there. They are a very devout Christian family, but they are not Catholic. For them to come to my ordination Mass was a great sign of the love and support they have been for me in my life.  

Jesus presents us with this convicting statement, whoever is not against us is for us. What is beautiful about this statement to me is how God used my friend Nate’s Christian family to help me grow in my Catholic faith. The question for us today is do we allow other Christian communities to edify us and to encourage us in our faith..? Do we recognize them as our brothers and sisters in Christ?  

Of course, we want all of our brothers and sisters of other Christian traditions to know of the power of the Sacraments; specifically the Eucharist. But! We should take this day to be grateful for these our brothers and sisters of Christian traditions, who know and love Christ, and have encouraged us in our relationship with Christ. 

As we receive this Eucharist today, let us pray for the grace to be agents of unity to our brothers and sisters of all Christian traditions. 

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