I Will Sing of your Salvation

I will sing of your salvation. 

Good News… Good News! I am reminded of the musical wicked.  It begins with a song proclaiming Good News… If you’re familiar with the musical, you know that it is talking about the death of the wicked witch… Good News!  What would be Good News for me?  Well, this past week hell froze over, so I was hoping the Good News I would be experiencing was a Detroit Lions Super Bowl victory.  But alas, hell froze over and still no super bowl. But the Good News at least is is it is warming up.  Good News would also be the Patriots losing…

Okay but what is the point.  What is so important about Good News?  Well, going back to the musical, Wicked, the story starts at the end, “Good News” the witch is dead.  The musical is the story of Good News.  And isn’t this what we do with Good News?  We tell others about it! For example, if the Lions did in fact win the super bowl, you bet I will be making a facebook post, instagram post, and calling my brother to celebrate.  In March, my sister is having a baby, and when she does, I can’t wait to tell others about it.  When we experience something amazing that we have to share it. 

Our psalm this weekend is about sharing the good news.  I will sing of your salvation Lord!  Here’s the question, how are we doing in sharing the Good News.  Fr. James Mallon said that he “honestly believes that this is the reason why so many lips remain silent in our churches on Sunday morning.  Too many literally have nothing to sing about… Only the evangelized can evangelize… Only those who have received the Good News as good news can proclaim it to others.  Good news is never a burden to share with others – indeed, it is the most natural thing in the world.”

Our Psalm is a perfect starting point.  I will sing the salvation of the Lord.  I will sing because I know what the Lord has done for me in my life: Jesus has saved me (1st stanza), in the second stanza God is our foundation, third stanza God is my Father who created me out of love, and the fourth stanza God has done amazing things in my life.  Do you know this?  Do you experience this as the Good News in your life?  

If we have experienced the Good News, then we must share it with others. That is what will attract people to become Catholic.  The  Good News.  When we experience the Love that Saint Paul is talking about so dramatically in our lives, others are attracted to experience that Love as well. 

Let us sing of our salvation, and sing Good News! 

In Christ’s love and friendship,

Fr. Stephen